About us

Making a positive difference to help businesses flourish.

This is achieved often via fast tracked and growth centric, collaborative efforts, from small business loans via an extensive network, to structured property finance and international trade finance with corporate level expertise.

Posfin maintains its burning desire for success and laser focused drive for growth.  Where work ethic counts for everything, whilst valuing that family is truly what we all work so hard for. 

Posfin Capital is FCA authorised with full credit broking permissions and is not a direct lender.

We are aware of our constantly changing environment and progressively tech enriched society, whilst maintaining a simple approach in business, which is about interacting well with people, effectively with integrity at all times.

We are not afraid of phone calls or asking questions, and we don’t always believe that everything needs to be automated in order to be rubber stamped with success.  Although, we do love machine capabilities and are in awe of the possibilities over the next 50 years, that keep us inspired every day.

That’s enough about us… most importantly, let’s get to know more ABOUT YOU.


We’ll get you funded!