Covid economic knock on effects will undoubtedly reshape the financial landscape as lender requirements shift. Lenders ideally wish to increase their loan books to bolster balance sheets, in turn supporting the economy.


Post Covid will likely see an air of caution, de-risk, and consolidation, whilst remaining optimistically growth focused for the right applicants who can demonstrate a robust business and solid ability to repay, forecast provided over the term required.

POSFIN can access 300+ lenders including both CBILS and Non-CBILS lenders.

We will try to place you with a CBILS British Business Bank accredited lender where appropriate, otherwise will aim to get you funded quickly through a Non-CBILS lender competitively.

Unsecured Loans

  • Broad ranging and flexible
  • Cashflow injection
  • Working capital requirements

Secured Loans

  • Longer process marginally
  • Cheaper funds
  • Secured against Business assets

Equipment or Asset Finance

  • Borrowing to purchase or lease physical assets
  • Utilised towards productivity in operating or running your business
  • Plant Equipment, Office, Commercial Kitchens, Car Fleets

Merchant Cash Advance

  • Utilises card terminal to ‘secure’ finance by making repayments from revenue
  • Easy management to repay the loan
  • Extremely popular across retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors
  • Viable option for any business that accepts solid card sales every month

Invoice Finance

  • Ideal solution for robust businesses restricted by lengthy invoicing terms
  • Challenged to cover running costs or unable to expand as a result
  • Unlocks essential funds as soon as invoices are issued
  • Stabilises cash flow and supports immediate growth opportunities

Bridging Loans

  • Short term property backed
  • Used as a ‘bridge’ from one deal into another essentially
  • It buys you time to either refinance to longer-term debt or sell a property
  • Monthly interest and repayments are often packaged into the loan
  • No repayments to make during the term of the loan
  • Net amount after fees and repayments are paid in the hand


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The next 2-3 years at least are likely to see many challenges for business, Government, and families.

Many businesses will try, but sadly some if not many simply will not make it, which in turn will affect a lot of people with limited jobs available.

There will likely be fire-sales and collapses over an extended period, before a recovery full of green shoots and rebirths which we can all look forward to.

On behalf of Team POSFIN,

Keep healthy, wealthy, and wise…

Take your opportunities with both hands when they present

… and GOOD LUCK!

Byron Hill