Covid economic knock-on effects will undoubtedly reshape the financial landscape.

Lender requirements shift towards greater risk management whilst still needing to increase their loan books to bolster balance sheets and growth.  This in turn supports the economy however it is vital that banks can meet their own obligations which ultimately comes from their revenues, or repayments from borrowers. 

POSFIN understands this and we know how to best match your financial requirements with well suited lenders, aligning within their risk profiles.

Here are the various commercial product segments that we work within: 

Unsecured Loans

Secured Loans

Equipment or Asset Finance

Merchant Cash Advance

Invoice Finance

Bridging Loans


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The next 2-3 years at least are likely to see many challenges for business, Government, and families.

Many businesses will try, but sadly some if not many simply will not make it, which in turn will affect a lot of people with limited jobs available.

There will likely be fire-sales and collapses over an extended period, before a recovery full of green shoots and rebirths which we can all look forward to.

On behalf of Team POSFIN,

Keep healthy, wealthy, and wise…

Take your opportunities with both hands when they present

… and GOOD LUCK!

Byron Hill