Frequently Asked Questions - Point of Sale Finance

We have multiple financing programmes available. Lender-backed and in-store financing. Our goal is to match our clients with the program that best meets the needs of their business and their customers. Often multiple lender access. Beyond a modest induction fee which covers detailed on-boarding, FCA permission hosting under Posfin Capital, marketing materials, turn-key Tablet with software included for remote access, most products are free to utilise once partnership is confirmed. See also Merchant Fees per transaction.

Most programs fund contracts within 1-5 business days via BACs deposit with transparent reporting.

All lender-backed contracts are guaranteed, without recourse to you in the case of payment defaults. The in-store financing program is at the risk of the client. If you follow our proven system, you should see over a 90% payment success rate.

A merchant fee is the fee the lender charges to assume the risk of financing the customer. This fee varies by industry and financing program. When you fill out the web form from your industries landing page, we can share further information for your industry.

Loan amounts, payment terms, and APR’s vary by lender, program and industry or sector. Our programmes include prime, near prime and sub-prime. When you fill out the web form from your industry’s landing page, we’ll explore a suitable match for all parties.

Our unique model leverages 2 different levels of financing. By pairing an in-store financing option with traditional lender-backed programs, you could in theory approve everyone if your minimum value is low enough for them to meet affordability.  However, any approved loan value must be matched by genuine affordability from the customer and this may result in 100% approvals being an unrealistic and unnecessary view of success for both you and your customer.  Genuine, affordable deals are best practice.

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